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ezpDfsMySQLiClusterGateway Class Reference

DFS/MySQLi cluster gateway. More...

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Public Member Functions

 close ()
 connect ()
 fetchFileMetadata ($filepath)
 passthrough ($filepath, $filesize, $offset=false, $length=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ezpClusterGateway
 __construct (array $params=array())
 Instantiate a gateway with the database parameters. More...
 close ()
 Closes any connection that should be closed. More...
 connect ()
 Creates the necessary database connection. More...
 fetchFileMetadata ($filepath)
 Fetches file metadata for $filepath. More...
 passthrough ($filepath, $filesize, $offset=false, $length=false)
 Passes the $filepath data through. More...
 retrieve ($filename)
 : evaluate whether it is the right place for those methods or if it should belong to other dedicated classes. More...

Protected Attributes

 $port = 3306
- Protected Attributes inherited from ezpClusterGateway

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ezpClusterGateway
static getGateway ()
 Returns an instance of the gateway class depending on setGatewayClass(). More...
static setGatewayClass ($gatewayClass)
 Sets the gateway class to $gatewayClass. More...

Detailed Description

DFS/MySQLi cluster gateway.

Member Function Documentation

ezpDfsMySQLiClusterGateway::close ( )
ezpDfsMySQLiClusterGateway::connect ( )
ezpDfsMySQLiClusterGateway::fetchFileMetadata (   $filepath)
ezpDfsMySQLiClusterGateway::passthrough (   $filepath,
  $offset = false,
  $length = false 

Member Data Documentation

ezpDfsMySQLiClusterGateway::$port = 3306

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