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eZTemplateOperatorElement Class Reference

Represents an operator element in the template tree. More...

Public Member Functions

 eZTemplateOperatorElement ($name, $params, $resource=null, $templateName=null)
name ()
parameters ()
 process ($tpl, &$value, $nspace, $current_nspace)
 resourceRelation ()
 serializeData ()
 setResourceRelation ($resource)
 setTemplateNameRelation ($templateName)
 templateNameRelation ()

Public Attributes

 The operator name. More...
 The paramer array. More...

Detailed Description

Represents an operator element in the template tree.

This class represents an operator with it's parameters.

Member Function Documentation

eZTemplateOperatorElement::eZTemplateOperatorElement (   $name,
  $resource = null,
  $templateName = null 

Initializes the operator with a name and parameters.

& eZTemplateOperatorElement::name ( )

Returns a reference to the name.

& eZTemplateOperatorElement::parameters ( )

Returns a reference to the parameter array.

eZTemplateOperatorElement::process (   $tpl,

Process the operator and sets $value.

eZTemplateOperatorElement::resourceRelation ( )
eZTemplateOperatorElement::serializeData ( )
eZTemplateOperatorElement::setResourceRelation (   $resource)
eZTemplateOperatorElement::setTemplateNameRelation (   $templateName)
eZTemplateOperatorElement::templateNameRelation ( )

Member Data Documentation


The operator name.

Referenced by name().


The paramer array.

Referenced by parameters().


Referenced by resourceRelation().


Referenced by templateNameRelation().

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