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eZContentObjectTrashNode Class Reference

The class eZContentObjectTrashNode. More...

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Public Member Functions

 eZContentObjectTrashNode ($row=array())
 originalParent ()
 originalParentPathIdentificationString ()
 storeToTrash ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZContentObjectTreeNode
 addChild ($contentobjectID, $asObject=false, $contentObjectVersion=false)
 adjustPathElement ($element, $useParentFromNodeObject=false)
 availableClassesJsArray ()
 Returns available classes as Js array. More...
 canAddLocation ()
 Returns true if current user can add object locations to current node. More...
 canCreate ()
 Returns true if the current user can create a new node as child of this node. More...
 canCreateClassList ($asObject=false, $includeFilter=true, $groupList=false, $fetchID=false)
 canEdit ()
 Returns true if the node can be edited by the current user. More...
 canHide ()
 Returns true if the node can be hidden by the current user. More...
 canMoveFrom ()
 Returns true if the node can be moved by the current user. More...
 canMoveTo ($classID=false)
 Returns true if a node of class $classID can be moved to the current node by the current user. More...
 canPdf ()
 Returns true if the current user can create a pdf of this content object. More...
 canRead ()
 Returns true if the node can be read by the current user. More...
 canRemove ()
 Returns true if the node can be removed by the current user. More...
 canRemoveLocation ()
 Returns true if current user can add object locations to current node. More...
 canSwap ()
 Returns true if a node can be swaped by the current user. More...
 canViewEmbed ()
 Returns true if the node can be viewed as embeded object by the current user. More...
 checkAccess ($functionName, $originalClassID=false, $parentClassID=false, $returnAccessList=false, $language=false)
 checkPath ($path)
 children ()
 Returns the first level children in sorted order. More...
 childrenByName ($name)
 childrenCount ($checkPolicies=true)
 classIdentifier ()
 Returns the node's class identifier. More...
 classIsContainer ()
 Returns 1 if the node's class is a container class, 0 otherwise. More...
 classListFromPolicy ($policy, $allowedLanguageCodes=false)
 className ()
 Returns the node's class name. More...
 contentObjectVersionObject ($asObject=true)
 Returns the eZContentObjectVersionObject of the current node. More...
 creator ()
 Returns the creator of the version published in the node. More...
 currentLanguage ()
 Returns the node's current language. More...
 dataMap ()
 Returns an array with all the content object attributes where the keys are the attribute identifiers. More...
 eZContentObjectTreeNode ($row=array())
 Initializes the object with the $row. More...
 fetchByCRC ($pathStr)
 fetchParent ()
 fetchPath ()
 getName ($language=false)
 hasContentObject ()
 Checks if the node's contentobject has already loaded. More...
 hiddenInvisibleString ()
 Returns combined string representation of both "is_hidden" and "is_invisible" attributes. More...
 hiddenStatusString ()
 Returns combined string representation of both "is_hidden" and "is_invisible" attributes Used in the limitation handling templates. More...
 isMain ()
 Returns true if this node is the main node. More...
 move ($newParentNodeID, $nodeID=0)
 object ()
 Returns the eZContentObject associated to this node. More...
 pathArray ()
 pathWithNames ($regenerateCurrent=false)
 remoteID ()
 Get the remote id of content node. More...
 removeNodeFromTree ($moveToTrash=true)
 removeThis ()
 serialize ($options, $contentNodeIDArray, $topNodeIDArray)
 setContentObject ($object)
 Sets the current content object for this node. More...
 setCurrentLanguage ($languageCode)
 Sets the current node's language to $languageCode. More...
 setName ($name)
 sortArray ()
 store ($fieldFilters=null)
 subTree ($params=false)
 subTreeCount ($params=array())
 subtreeSoleNodeCount ($params=array())
 Returns the number of nodes in the current subtree that have no other placements. More...
 updateAndStoreModified ()
 updateSubTreePath ($updateParent=true, $nodeMove=false)
 url ()
 Returns the node's full url (/content/view/full/...) More...
 urlAlias ()
 Returns the node's url alias. More...
 viewCount ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from eZPersistentObject
 attribute ($attr, $noFunction=false)
 Returns the attribute data for $attr, this is either returned from the member variables or a member function depending on whether the definition field or function attributes matched. More...
 attributes ()
 Returns the attributes for this object, taken from the definition fields and function attributes. More...
 eZPersistentObject ($row)
 Initializes the object with the $row. More...
 fill ($row)
 Tries to fill in the data in the object by using the object definition which is returned by the function definition() and the database row data $row. More...
 hasAttribute ($attr)
 Checks if $attr is part of the definition fields or function attributes. More...
 hasDirtyData ()
 Returns true if the data is considered dirty and needs to be stored. More...
 remove ($conditions=null, $extraConditions=null)
 Removes the object from the database, it will use the keys in the object definition to figure out which table row should be removed unless $conditions is defined as an array with fieldnames. More...
 setAttribute ($attr, $val)
 Sets the attribute $attr to the value $val. More...
 setHasDirtyData ($hasDirtyData)
 Sets whether the object has dirty data or not. More...
 store ($fieldFilters=null)
 Stores the object in the database, uses storeObject() to do the actual job and passes $fieldFilters to it. More...
 sync ($fieldFilters=null)
 Makes sure data is stored if the data is considered dirty. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static createFromNode ($node)
static definition ()
static fetchByContentObjectID ($contentObjectID, $asObject=true, $contentObjectVersion=false)
static purgeForObject ($contentObjectID)
static trashList ($params=false, $asCount=false)
static trashListCount ($params=false)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from eZContentObjectTreeNode
static addChildTo ($contentobjectID, $nodeID, $asObject=false, $contentObjectVersion=false)
static assignSectionToSubTree ($nodeID, $sectionID, $oldSectionID=false)
static availableClassListJsArray ($parameters=false)
 Returns available classes as Js array. More...
static calendar ($params=false, $nodeID=0)
static classAttributeIDByIdentifier ($identifier)
 Returns the ID of the class attribute with the given ID or false if no class/attribute by that identifier is found. More...
static classIDByIdentifier ($identifier)
 Return the ID of the class with the given ID or false if no class by that identifier is found. More...
static clearViewCacheForSubtree (eZContentObjectTreeNode $node, $clearForRootNode=true)
 Clears the view cache for a subtree. More...
static create ($parentNodeID=null, $contentObjectID=null, $contentObjectVersion=0, $sortField=0, $sortOrder=true)
 Creates a new tree node and returns it. More...
static createAttributeFilterSQLStrings (&$attributeFilter, &$sortingInfo=array( 'sortCount'=> 0, 'attributeJoinCount'=> 0), $language=false)
 Returns an array to filter a query by the given attributes in $attributeFilter. More...
static createClassFilteringSQLString ($classFilterType, &$classFilterArray)
 Returns an SQL string to filter query results by classes. More...
static createExtendedAttributeFilterSQLStrings (&$extendedAttributeFilter)
 Creates a filter array from extended attribute filters. More...
static createGroupBySQLStrings (&$outGroupBySelectText, &$outGroupByText, $groupBy)
static createMainNodeConditionSQLString ($mainNodeOnly)
 If $mainNodeOnly is set to true, creates an SQL part which makes sure the fetched node(s) are main nodes. More...
static createNodesConditionSQLStringFromPath ($nodePath, $includingLastNodeInThePath, $limit=false)
static createNotEqParentSQLString ($nodeID, $depth=false, $depthOperator= 'le')
 Creates an SQL part to exclude the parent node from a query to fetch children of the node $nodeID, if needed. More...
static createObjectNameFilterConditionSQLString ($filter)
 Creates an SQL part to match objects with a name starting with $filter. More...
static createPathConditionAndNotEqParentSQLStrings (&$outPathConditionStr, &$outNotEqParentStr, $nodeID, $depth=false, $depthOperator= 'le')
 Returns an SQL part which makes sure that fetched nodes are (not) part of the given node path and not the parent node. More...
static createPathConditionSQLString ($nodePath, $nodeDepth, $depth=false, $depthOperator= 'le')
 Returns an SQL part which makes sure that fetched nodes are (not) part of the given node path. More...
static createPermissionCheckingSQL ($limitationList, $treeTableName= 'ezcontentobject_tree', $tableAliasName= 'ezcontentobject_tree')
static createShowInvisibleSQLString ($useSettings, $fetchHidden=true)
static createSortingSQLStrings ($sortList, $treeTableName= 'ezcontentobject_tree', $allowCustomColumns=false)
 Creates an array with sorting SQL strings to be appended to a query. More...
static createVersionNameJoinsSQLString ($useVersionName, $includeAnd=true, $onlyTranslated=false, $lang=false, $treeTableName= 'ezcontentobject_tree')
static createVersionNameTablesSQLString ($useVersionName)
static createVersionNameTargetsSQLString ($useVersionName)
static dataTypeByClassAttributeID ($classAttributeID)
 Returns the datatype of a class attribute. More...
static definition ()
static deleteNodeWhereParent ($node, $id)
static fetch ($nodeID=false, $lang=false, $asObject=true, $conditions=false)
 Fetches a node by ID. More...
static fetchAliasesFromNodeList ($nodeList)
 Fetches path_identification_string for a list of nodes. More...
static fetchByContentObjectID ($contentObjectID, $asObject=true, $contentObjectVersion=false)
static fetchByPath ($pathString, $asObject=true)
static fetchByRemoteID ($remoteID, $asObject=true)
static fetchByURLPath ($pathString, $asObject=true)
static fetchClassIdentifierListByPathString ($nodePath, $withLastNode, $limit=false)
static fetchList ($asObject=true, $offset=false, $limit=false)
 Fetches a list of nodes and returns it. More...
static fetchListCount ()
 Fetches the number of nodes which exists in the system. More...
static fetchNode ($contentObjectID, $parentNodeID)
static fetchNodesByPathString ($nodePath, $withLastNode=false, $asObjects=true, $limit=false)
static findMainNode ($objectID, $asObject=false)
 Get Main Node Id ( or Main Node if $asObject = true ) by Content Object Id. More...
static findMainNodeArray ($objectIDArray, $asObject=true)
 Fetches the main nodes for an array of object id's. More...
static findNode ($parentNode, $id, $asObject=false, $remoteID=false)
static getClassesJsArray ($node=false, $includeFilter=true, $groupList=false, $fetchID=false, $classes=false)
 Returns available classes as a JSON string. More...
static getLimitationList (&$limitation)
static getParentNodeId ($nodeID)
static getParentNodeIdListByContentObjectID ($objectIDs, $groupByObjectId=false, $onlyMainNode=false)
 Get parent node id's by content object id's. More...
static hideSubTree (eZContentObjectTreeNode $node, $modifyRootNode=true)
 Hide a subtree. More...
static makeObjectsArray ($array, $with_contentobject=true, array $propertiesOverride=null)
static parentDepthLimitationList ()
static removeNode ($nodeID=0)
static removeSubtrees ($deleteIDArray, $moveToTrash=true, $infoOnly=false)
static setUseCurrentUserDraft ($enable)
 Enables / disables Use current user draft mode for data map. More...
static setVersionByObjectID ($objectID, $newVersion)
 Given an $objectID, sets the node's object to the version specified by $newVersion. More...
static showInvisibleNodes ()
static sortArrayBySortFieldAndSortOrder ($sortField, $sortOrder)
static sortFieldID ($sortFieldName)
static sortFieldName ($sortFieldID)
static sortKeyByClassAttributeID ($classAttributeID)
 Returns the sort key for the given classAttributeID or false if it can't be retrieved. More...
static subTreeByNodeID ($params=false, $nodeID=0)
static subTreeCountByNodeID ($params=array(), $nodeID)
static subTreeGroupByDateField ($field, $type)
static subTreeMultiPaths ($nodesParams, $listParams=NULL)
static subtreeRemovalInformation ($deleteIDArray)
static unhideSubTree (eZContentObjectTreeNode $node, $modifyRootNode=true)
 Unhide a subtree. More...
static unserialize ($contentNodeDOMNode, $contentObject, $version, $isMain, &$nodeList, &$options, $handlerType= 'ezcontentobject')
static updateMainNodeID ($mainNodeID, $objectID, $version=false, $parentMainNodeID, $updateSection=true)
static updateNodeVisibility ($node, $parentNode, $recursive=true)
 Depending on the new parent node visibility, recompute "is_invisible" attribute for the given node and its children. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from eZPersistentObject
static conditionText ($conditions)
 Calls conditionTextByRow with an empty row and $conditions. More...
static conditionTextByRow ($conditions, $row)
 Generates an SQL sentence from the conditions $conditions and row data $row. More...
static count ($def, $conds=null, $field=null)
 Fetches the number of rows by using the object definition. More...
static definition ()
 Returns the definition for the object, the default implementation is to return an empty array. More...
static escapeArray ($array)
 Escapes strings in an array with the help of eZDBInterface::escapeString(). More...
static fetchObject ($def, $field_filters, $conds, $asObject=true, $grouping=null, $custom_fields=null)
 Fetches and returns an object based on the given parameters and returns is either as an object or as an array. More...
static fetchObjectList ($def, $field_filters=null, $conds=null, $sorts=null, $limit=null, $asObject=true, $grouping=false, $custom_fields=null, $custom_tables=null, $custom_conds=null)
 Creates an SQL query out of the different parameters and returns an array with the result. More...
static getShortAttributeName ($db, $def, $attrName)
 Returns the short attribute name (alias) if it's defined, given attribute name otherwise. More...
static handleRows ($rows, $class_name, $asObject)
 Creates PHP objects out of the database rows $rows. More...
static newObjectOrder ($def, $orderField, $conditions)
 Returns an order value which can be used for new items in table, for instance placement. More...
static removeObject ($def, $conditions=null, $extraConditions=null)
 Deletes the object from the table defined in $def with conditions $conditions and extra conditions $extraConditions. More...
static reorderObject ($def, $orderField, $conditions, $down=true)
 Moves a row in a database table. More...
static replaceFieldsWithShortNames ($db, $fieldDefs, &$fields)
 For the given array $fields treats its keys (for associative array) or values (for non-associative array) as table fields names and replaces them with short names (aliases) found in $fieldDefs. More...
static storeObject ($obj, $fieldFilters=null)
 Stores the data in $obj to database. More...
static swapRow ($table, $keys, $order_id, $rows, $id1, $id2)
 Sets row id $id2 to have the placement of row id $id1. More...
static updateObjectList ($parameters)
 Updates rows matching the given parameters. More...

Protected Attributes

 $originalNodeParent = 0
 $pathArray = 0
- Protected Attributes inherited from eZContentObjectTreeNode
 $ClassIsContainer = null

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from eZContentObjectTreeNode
 $ClassIdentifier = null
 $ClassName = null
 $CurrentLanguage = false
const SORT_ORDER_ASC = 1
- Public Attributes inherited from eZPersistentObject
- Protected Member Functions inherited from eZContentObjectTreeNode
 hasCurrentSubtreeLimitation (array $policy)
 Checks if provided policy array has a limitation on current subtree. More...
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from eZContentObjectTreeNode
static $useCurrentUserDraft = false

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

static eZContentObjectTrashNode::createFromNode (   $node)
static eZContentObjectTrashNode::definition ( )
eZContentObjectTrashNode::eZContentObjectTrashNode (   $row = array())


Referenced by createFromNode(), and trashList().

static eZContentObjectTrashNode::fetchByContentObjectID (   $contentObjectID,
  $asObject = true,
  $contentObjectVersion = false 
eZContentObjectTrashNode::originalParent ( )

Referenced by originalParentPathIdentificationString().

eZContentObjectTrashNode::originalParentPathIdentificationString ( )
static eZContentObjectTrashNode::purgeForObject (   $contentObjectID)

Referenced by eZContentObject\purge().

eZContentObjectTrashNode::storeToTrash ( )
static eZContentObjectTrashNode::trashList (   $params = false,
  $asCount = false 
static eZContentObjectTrashNode::trashListCount (   $params = false)

Member Data Documentation

eZContentObjectTrashNode::$originalNodeParent = 0

Referenced by originalParent().

eZContentObjectTrashNode::$pathArray = 0

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