eZPublishCommunityProject(LegacyStack)  2013.6
bin/php/clusterpurge.php File Reference


 Autoloader definition for eZ Publish Kernel files.


 $cli = eZCLI::instance()
if(!eZScriptClusterPurge::isRequired()) $purgeHandler = new eZScriptClusterPurge()
 $sys = eZSys::instance()

Variable Documentation

$cli = eZCLI::instance()
Initial value:
= $script->getOptions( "[dry-run][iteration-sleep:][iteration-limit:][memory-monitoring][scopes:][expiry:]",
array( 'dry-run' => 'Test mode, output the list of affected files without removing them',
'iteration-sleep' => 'Amount of seconds to sleep between each iteration when performing a purge operation, can be a float. Default is one second.',
'iteration-limit' => 'Amount of items to remove in each iteration when performing a purge operation. Default is 100.',
'memory-monitoring' => 'If set, memory usage will be logged in var/log/clusterpurge.log.',
'scopes' => 'Comma separated list of file types to purge. Possible values are: classattridentifiers, classidentifiers, content, expirycache, statelimitations, template-block, user-info-cache, viewcache, wildcard-cache-index, image, binaryfile, media',
'expiry' => 'Number of days since the file was expired. Only files older than this will be purged. Default is 30, minimum is 1.' ) )
Definition: adddefaultstates.php:22
Initial value:
= eZScript::instance( array( 'description' => ( "eZ Publish cluster files purge\n" .
"Physically purges files\n" .
"\n" .
"./bin/php/clusterpurge.php --scopes=scope1,scope2" ),
'use-session' => false,
'use-modules' => false,
'use-extensions' => true ) )
static instance($settings=array())
Returns a shared instance of the eZScript class.
Definition: ezscript.php:1084