eZPublishCommunityProject(LegacyStack)  2013.5
soap.php File Reference


 Autoloader definition for eZ Publish Kernel files.


 eZUpdateDebugSettings ()
 eZUpdateTextCodecSettings ()


 $access = eZSiteAccess::change( $access )
 $enableSOAP = $soapINI->variable( 'GeneralSettings', 'EnableSOAP' )
 $GLOBALS ['eZRequestedURI'] = $uri
 $ini = eZINI::instance()
 $moduleRepositories = eZModule::activeModuleRepositories()
 $soapINI = eZINI::instance( 'soap.ini' )
 $uri = eZURI::instance( eZSys::requestURI() )
 if (!ini_get("date.timezone"))

Function Documentation

eZUpdateDebugSettings ( )

Reads settings from site.ini and passes them to eZDebug.

eZUpdateTextCodecSettings ( )

Reads settings from i18n.ini and passes them to eZTextCodec.

Variable Documentation

$access = eZSiteAccess::change( $access )
$enableSOAP = $soapINI->variable( 'GeneralSettings', 'EnableSOAP' )
$GLOBALS['eZRequestedURI'] = $uri
$ini = eZINI::instance()
$soapINI = eZINI::instance( 'soap.ini' )
if ($soapINI->variable( 'GeneralSettings', 'UseDefaultAccess')=== 'enabled') else
Initial value:
static match(eZURI $uri, $host, $port=80, $file= '/index.php')
Goes trough the access matching rules and returns the access match.
Definition: ezsiteaccess.php:110
Definition: index_rest.php:22
Definition: index_rest.php:34
static hostname()
Returns the current hostname.
Definition: ezsys.php:674
static indexFile($withAccessPath=true)
Returns the filepath for the index file with the access path appended.
Definition: ezsys.php:616
static serverPort()
Returns the server port or 80 as default if the server port can not be retrieved from the hostname or...
Definition: ezsys.php:821