eZPublishCommunityProject  2012.12
eZ\Publish\Core\REST\Server Namespace Reference

File containing the authenticating dispatcher class. More...


 File containing the Authenticator used for integration tests.
 File containing the Content controller class.
 File containing the AuthenticationFailedException tests.
 File containing the BinaryInputProcessor class.
 File containing the ContentList class.
 This file contains the AcceptHeaderVisitorDispatcher class.


class  AuthenticatingDispatcher
 MVC dispatcher with integrated authentication. More...
class  Authenticator
 Authenticator base class. More...
class  Controller
class  Request
 Encapsulated RMF HTTP Request for REST server. More...

Detailed Description

File containing the authenticating dispatcher class.

File containing the Request class.

File containing the REST Server Controller class.

File containing the Authenticator base class.

ATTENTION: This is a test setup for the REST server. DO NOT USE IT IN PRODUCTION!