eZPublishCommunityProject  2012.12
eZ\Publish\Core\Persistence\Legacy\Content\Search Namespace Reference

File containing the Content Search Gateway class. More...


 File containing the EzcDatabase criteria converter class.
 File containing the TransformationProcessor class.


class  Gateway
 The Content Search Gateway provides the implementation for one database to retrieve the desired content objects. More...
class  Handler
 The Content Search handler retrieves sets of of Content objects, based on a set of criteria. More...
class  TransformationProcessor
 Interface for processing a set of transformations on a string. More...
class  Utf8Converter
 Class for converting UTF-8 characters to their decimal code points and vice versa. More...

Detailed Description

File containing the Content Search Gateway class.

File containing the Utf8Converter class.

File containing the TransformationProcessor abstract class.

File containing the Content Search handler class.